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Ohanichibanwa, everyone! おはーにちーなんわ、みんな!
My name is Finian, or more affectionately known as The Last Immortal Pancake of Wisdom (TLIPOW). I'm just an average guy that likes to play video games.

I actually fell in love with video games at a very young age; 4 to be exact. The game that made me fall in love? The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. I loved the characters, environment; everything! The best part, though? I learned how to read so I could play.

I became super passionate about games. They can do so much for someone. Personally, they have helped me battle through my mental illness and help me experience things I hadn't felt before. I originally wanted to create video games, but had more fun playing than creating. While I still create games, I spend most of my time playing them.

Recently, I've discovered the joys of streaming! I absolutely adore the interactions I get with those watching the stream and being able to play games. At the moment, I only have the ability to stream RPG Maker games with my current computer. Eventually, I hope to get a better set up (hardware & software) to stream and record more!

I appreciate you taking the time to look at my page! If you can offer some support monthly or even a one time donation, I would appreciate it so so much!

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