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As-salamu 'alaykum, everyone!

My name is Randy and I have a vision for the stories I plan to write in the future. It'll change the way society and media have viewed Islam in the recent years.
These stories are inspired by movies, video games, manga, anime, television, and my own imagination. I've taken each medium and personalized it as my own in the form of a story that will give you an understanding of what Islam REALLY teaches, while also enjoying the plot line and characters.

Since I was really young, about 6 or 7 years old, I have always wanted to write stories. I loved the idea of creating a book that was fully personalized with characters and plot development. When I was about 9 years old, I started to physically write and type a story based on Super Mario, and then later about Jumanji, but they didn't last long, because I quickly lost interest in completing them. Later, when I started middle school, I saw an anime called School Rumble, and the Rocky Balboa movies. I was inspired by them to write an amateur fictional manuscript titled, "The Athletic Rumble", which I went on to type to around 227 pages by the end of 8th grade. Unfortunately, I realized that the story was too rushed, and focused too much on completion that I decided to delete it by my junior year in high school.
At the end of 8th grade when I completed "The Athletic Rumble", I went on to write a medieval fantasy, which I have edited heavily whenever I got the chance to write since I didn't write all the time throughout high school. This story was inspired by the video game titled, Tales of Symphonia, and the Christian religion. I never really got the chance to write, but after graduating in 2015, I decided to hop back on it, but I ended up deleting the whole thing again and start fresh. The plot that I had in mind before was going to be somewhat the same, and instead of Christianity, I decided to use Islam instead because the intention of refuting the misconceptions people had about it inspired me to revolve that story, as well as the ones to follow, around Islam.

I have reverted to Islam in 2014, since before, I had no knowledge of what it was, except what the media portrayed. No one in my family are Muslim either. I also have a good friend whom also inspired me to look into this religion more.
Since then, I have loved Islam, but was saddened to see the way media and other people believed it to be a religion of terrorism, which, in fact, is the complete opposite.

Because of this, my stories are driven with passion to refute the ignorance some people believe Islam to be, while also making an engaging story in the process.

Currently I'm in college working towards an associate's degree in science, as I was working towards becoming a chiropractor in the future, but I hope that by using this site, and other online publishing services, I can instead make a living off of writing and publishing my stories while also getting my message of Islam across to others, In Shaa Allah.
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Working out the kinks on this site. Making a logo, wallpaper, and rewards so you all know the content I aim to put up soon. :)
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 6 exclusive posts

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