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This is the most basic tier you can do! If you Pledge yourself using this tier, we will:

-Give you Shout out every month 

-You will gain access to our Patreon Discord Channel as a 'True MVP!'

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The second tier will not only give you tier one's benefits, but also give you access too.

-Skype/Discord chats once a month

-Access to our  Patreon Discord Channel as a 'Legend!' 

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The third tier is by far the most rewarding! you will gain:

-All of previous tear rewards

-Access to our  Patreon Discord Channel as a 'Royal!'  

-The ability to feature in videos with us either on Stream, or video!



About TLRgameplay

TLRgamplay is a community of friends who see themselves as one big crazy family! TLR does everything from gaming, to podcasts, to livestreams! We want to share those memories with you all! and give people somewhere where they can escape their lives and feel safe and secure.
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Once we hit $100, we will have one massive competition with our TLR crew, and patreons! (Details to follow once the goal is met)
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