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About The Ten Minute Bible Hour

My name's Matt Whitman and I like talking about the Bible and Christianity in a way that's useful, sane, and hopefully funny. I'd planned to be a Major League Baseball player and President but I accidentally ended up being a pastor instead. I studied fancy history, theology, and philosophy stuff so I could impress people at parties by telling them I'm a college professor, but I kept bumbling my way back into church, which does not impress people at parties.

The bottom line is that even though I've tugged at the leash of this thing, I really care about the Bible, the Church, and the God I believe is behind them. I also love trying to talk about it in a way that makes sense to normal people who use normal words and ask normal questions and laugh at normal funny things. Talking about God and the Bible on the Internet often gets weird, confusing, and crappy, but I'm hoping we can do it differently, and be one part of something bigger and good. That's why I make the Ten Minute Bible Hour.

I want to make more and better stuff. I've got a bajillion ideas for one-off videos and great big ambitious series, but this stuff takes a ton of time to put together and it requires help. That's where you come in. If you dig what I'm doing, and you're able to kick in, I'd welcome your help at any level. Even if contributing's not in the cards for you, I'm still wildly grateful for you caring about some of the same stuff I care about, and for your investment in that in your own way.

Matt W.
400 – reached! patrons
Dang! We set a goal of 100 Patrons and that happened, then we set a goal of 200 Patrons and that happened. I said I'd make a special series at 100 Patrons and got that done last year with Aron Utecht and doing a 10 video series on the Sermon on the Mount. The 200 video goal required getting access and a bit of travel, but we made it to 200 and I was able to make a cool video about Greek Orthodoxy in Denver, Colorado, which I thought was a blast.
If we make it to 400, I'd like to do a video round table with some very special guests to process some of the trickiest parts of the Bible.
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