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     The Houston area never ceases to birth unique individuals with extraordinary gifts and talents. Christopher “Manny” Manuel- musician, producer, artist, director just too name a few – is one such unique personality, that is truly traveling his path and methods too reach his God given potential.
     Manny released his debut album, Capricorn Lifestyle, on June 27, 2017, the first album on his independent label, "TimeLess Muszik". The title speaks to the multi-dimensional personality of a Capricorn: high-achieving, organized, hard-working, disciplined, fiercely ambitious, driven, and at times fun-loving. Many of the most influential Capricorns of our time, such as Muhammad Ali, Martin Luther King, Jr., and Denzel Washington have always given society much more of themselves than what their occupation would dictate. Manny strives to follow their lead by being his true self, and encourages listeners to feel the pain that made him and the love and discipline that maintains him. As of today, he also is a producer who wants to work with as many meaningful people as he can.
     A native Houstonian, Manny was reared in several south Houston neighborhoods known for gratuitous violence and poverty during his formative years. After the untimely death of his father, he was raised in a single-parent home and looked to his older brother, Lawrence, as the father figure in his life. If you speak to Manny long enough, you will hear his colloquialism, “pain made me.” At a time when most children are playing ball or discovering video games, Manny was learning the truth about life and death. At the age of 12, Manny had already lost 30 family members including his Grandfather, who was killed in a hail of gun fire – an astonishing 54 gunshots. Pain, life, and death were unfortunately synonymous with childhood for Chris.
However, Manny’s life took a turn for the better as he entered his pubescent stage of life. He and his mother moved to Houston suburb, Missouri City. His love for music was encouraged by public school music programs where he excelled on the trumpet and other horns. You can still here the mid tones in his music, stemming from his mastery of the French horn. Manny has been actively studying music for over 20 years. Music was his lifeline as he overcame challenges such as teenage fatherhood at the age of 17, and became the father he wanted as a child through love and experience. A former Army soldier, being stationed on the east coast gave Manny a chance to really blend his southern Texas style, with the well rounded wordplay of east coast music. Ultimately going thru a FED case at the end of the Army stint, was a vital reason why Manny has learned to live life selflessly, and incorporates that attitude into his music and volunteer work at various charitable organizations.
    Manny is an artist that is familiar with struggle but inept at perseverance. His love of real music, and his ability to tell stories about pain, struggle, and love from a first-person perspective will set him apart in the music industry. Being a Producer, Audio Engineer, & all around musician in total, there is only room for growth as time passes. Love is in the music.

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