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About Zamick Milhouse

Welcome to TPG Express! 
The Texas Paralegal Guy, Zamick Milhouse, will provide you with information related to your very situation. From Debts Discharged to Family to Civil to Criminal or even Traffic Tickets or even if you have someone in Jail, WE CAN HELP YOU!! 

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We're going to teach you so you can teach others about Debt Validations, Discharges, Court Procedures, Motion Filing, Affidavits, Orders, Amendments, Writs, Enforcement, Sanctions, Motion to Impeach, Disqualify, etc, Civil Claims, Small Claims, Counter Claims, Divorce, Service, Alternative Service, IRS Docs, US District Court, Appeals and Appeals Court, State Supreme Court, US SUPREME COURT, Congress, House of Representatives, Electorial College, US Constitution, UCC, Bill of Rights, Secured Party Creditor, Real Currency, Fiat Currency, HJR 192, Endorsements, Accepted For Value, Bill of Exchange, Promissory Notes, etc.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts
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