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Supporting me and my Family and everything I am able to do for the page the best you can. You will get exclusive Patreon Perks and hear about things before anyone else on the page does! Your name will also be added to the About Section as a Patreon!  
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All of the above Perks, plus you will be able to participate in TRAFON Patreon Polls, these could decide a rant you want to see, a review, an ECB Opponent, and more! 
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All of the above Perks, and I will enter your name in a Randomizer Raffle. If your name is chosen, you will be able to request one Review per month. You will be credited for the suggestion. The review can be for an Animated Episode, Series in General, A Character in Animation, or an in general rant or thoughts on certain things in the industry! (Randomized Raffle will happen every two weeks, if your name is not selected within the month your name will be added double to next months raffle if you stay at this rank, and keep in mind if someone chooses what you wanted before you did, to always have multiple suggestions in mind! As long as I know enough about the source material or can watch an episode if that is chosen, I will do it!)




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For four years running, TRAFON is a community dedicated to posting Animation Blogs, Reviews, and more. It is run by Clint (Myself, the person typing all this out), with help from some other great page helpers like Mitchell, Michael, and Mark! The four year journey has been filled with laughs and good times, and here we're hoping to take the next step in doing so! 

Patreon is something that would help myself and my family doing something I love. It has been a very rough year emotionally for all of us, and having other ways to help would be a huge load off. Nothing on TRAFON is going to change, blogs and everything else will still be posted, everything will still be as it should be. But this is a way for you the fans to get some more out of it, and if you really wanted to, to support me and everything that we do here. 

You can donate just a dollar if you can, that would mean the world to me. If you can't, just know the page is still here and is gonna be here, but now you have a place you can really say thanks and get something in return. And if you can't donate, share it around! That helps just as much! 

Thank you all in advance, here's hoping for this to go well, I hope you all enjoy it, and who knows, if Youtube becomes a thing, there might be even more in store for this :)
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Having this much a month will help support my family in a number of ways, so thank you SO MUCH. I will look to also get equipment to make Youtube better and faster in terms of editing and scripting.
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