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About TRIX Brawlhalla

TRIX Brawlhalla initially started as a small clan on April 8th, 2016 for the video game Brawlhalla, a F2P platform fighter on Steam. It eventually grew to become one of the oldest North American Brawlhalla clans and a robust gaming community with over 1,200 members.

We run everything from battles with other clans, to prize tournaments ran both for the community and clan, fully-casted streams, and content creation on our YouTube channel.

We have successfully hosted over 34 public tournaments and 32 in-clan tournaments - all with either game or cash prizes. To express some highlights, we ran a $300 USD public tournament with over 211 participants. In addition, we just ran a $100 USD public tournament with over 287 participants.

Currently, we run bi-monthly $100 USD public tournaments and hope to produce weekly tournaments and content!

This Patreon is run by AutumnBleed 🍂#9132 
$45 of $70 per month
Increase production quality for tournaments through commissioned graphic design! 

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