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Oh shit. Why hello, my name is TS5. Or you can call me slash. What is this so called internet webpage full of WERID ART of other versions of spinel? Well my good sir or madam, this is my patreon. here I some times will publish awesome mixups of the spinel. (In other words, different versions of spinel from Steven Universe connected to a multiverse of spinels called the spinelverse) OR... you can support me for what I do here on Patreon and on Twitter.
don’t worry, COMMISSIONS AND REQUEST ARE STILL FREE AND WILL BE OPEN 24/7(besides holidays, my birthday, or family emergency). 

A short SUMMARY of what the spinelverse is...
the spinelverse. Ever since the official TV movie release of the Steven Universe movie, there was a character from the film I began developing an interest for. The character is obviously not the protagonist nor the background characters nor the side characters. (I don’t like the side characters besides Auqamarine and amethyst.) it was the one that never got away from my mind full of fucked up imagination and the urge to search the term ‘Judy hopps Hentai’ on google in a incognito tab when no one was looking. It was the antagonist that caught my sexual, self centered, realized she reminds of bendy from the best selling video game made by Joey Drew Studios named bendy and the ink machine. And now the same is studio making a sequel. EYE. It was Spinel, and because my love for the character, I decided to create infinite universes and infinite dimensions of the many and infinite possibilities and different versions of spinel I call the SPINELVERSE. Just Imagine, Spinel is a cowboy in one dimension and in another spinel is a blood thirsty Viking seeking out for revenge or even a dimension where spinel is a diamond. Here on my Patreon, I publish art and backstories to each created version of spinel that came from the spinelverse. Each spinel has a story about who they are, what their destiny is, or i run out of ideas and make up a excellent story for that spinel. (Also I hope Rebecca Sugar discovers this.)

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