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An appreciative thank you and kick in the arse is for you! You're cheap like Johnny Flynn! But Seriously, this is more than enough to help. You'll be rewarded with:

+ .pdf files of things im working on, be it the comic or something random! 

+ A personal thank you from the egotistical maniac himself! 

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This tier will grant you everything listed above. 

Also, You get a wonderful cute-ass doodle sketch from our Co-artist, Mieli! Seriously, It's super cute. You might want to print and frame it for later. 




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About Team True Destiny


I'm Emerl! The lead creator on the youtube channel; Team True Destiny Go! 
For the past 14 years of my life I have been a cartoonist/graphic designer from a hobby turn to passion. 
My Main goal in life is to make this my gig. To support the channel and ultimately turn our creation evolving into a comic series we have developing in the pipeline for years: The Truly Destined. 
If I can make that dream come true. I cannot express enough how thankful I'll be. I've been in numerous tough spots in my life, and having this is all I ever wanted to have a comfortable living situation ya get? 
So enjoy my art, LP's Streams, Comics, and other random sorts of visual entertainment that my mind or the other members of the team conjure up. Hopefully we can make you Laugh, Cry, and get that bowel movement going that you've been constipated on for weeks. 
$0 of $800 per month

This should cover my unhealthy lifestyle of gorging on Subway tuna subs every month. Also, sustainable on everyday living necessities like paying bills n' Stuff. I'll Live out proverty style to make sure I get this thing chugging along yo! 
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