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Join Robbie Dee and Laurie Alexander - the Britain/US-based dynamic duo, who openly discuss such controversial subjects pertaining to the Political, Religious, and Social Satanic agenda of Secret Societies manipulating our World today. We will expose their Plan and discuss how this is being used to further their ultimate goal of a One World Government and One World Religion with Satan (Antichrist) at its Leader.

Some subjects discussed: The Vatican, Agenda 21, The Rothchilds and other 'elite' bloodlines, The Illuminati, Satan, The Federal Reserve, Zionism, End Times Prophecy, Puppet Politicians, Chemtrails, Project Blue Beam, HAARP, Armageddon, Freemasons, Monsanto, FEMA, The United Nations, The Pope, The Bilderberg Group, Fallen Angels, Alien Agenda, and any other topics related to past, present and future world events, and many other topics.
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The goal of this patreon account is to be able to continue making quality content exposing the NWO without having to worry about youtube stealing ad revenue. This will enable the channel to continue to make as much content as possible and remove the stress that youtube is causing its content creators.
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