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About The Vita Lounge

We are The Vita Lounge, an independent PlayStation Vita enthusiast site and we have existed since July 2012. In the three years since we were founded we have grown from a single person blog to a site which received almost one million visits in 2014, despite the niche nature of the system.

Most PS Vita owners know that the system has not performed as much as they had hoped, but this has not deterred a passionate and dedicated following and it is this audience that we want to reach. There are still games coming, there is news to report and there are still reasons to own the system and we want to engage with these people and build the best Vita community experience possible.

Whilst we post a significant amount of PS Vita news, it is our reviews that we really excel with, and we have the largest collection of Vita reviews online, with 122 native Vita releases covered in 2014 and more than 330 in total. In addition to the news and reviews, we have a weekly podcast  which has been running for more than 80 episodes, longer than any other Vita podcast. We also have regular gaming sessions with Vita gamers which we call Lounge Play.

The journey we have had has been incredible, but we really want to improve what we do and this is why we need your help. We want to reach more Vita owners, improve the quality of our website and our writing and explore new ways to connect with Vita owners, such as an e-magazine, growing our video content and much more. It would also be great if we could compensate the amazing volunteers that write for the site, who currently do it out of love for the Vita! 

If you love what we do or if we have helped you in any way and you want to see us expand or even if you want to chip in with the running costs then we would really appreciate your assistance. It is a massive cliché, but the truth is that you, the dedicated and passionate Vita fan are the reason that we do this and anything you can give, whether it's sharing our work, telling others about us or pledging, if you can will be amazing. We will also have a few rewards for your contribution!

Thanks for reading, and for your support! With your backing hopefully we will continue to spread the Vita news as far as we can and even come up with new ways to give it some attention!
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