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My name is Tabor Hill.  Chances are, if you play Call of Duty or Fortnite and have ever been stumped on a challenge, you may have heard of me or at least seen one of my videos.  I've been making YouTube videos since February 2011, over 5 years now.  I decided to change the direction of my channel in November 2013, when Call of Duty Ghosts was released.  From then on, I focused solely on helping the community by offering elaborate challenge help guides.  My goal was, and still is to this day, to help every caliber of player succeed in any challenge -- even the more difficult ones.  

I separate myself from the majority of Call of Duty YouTuber's in that I love interacting with my fans.  If I had enough time in the day, I would reply to every single YouTube comment I receive.  Since I've became increasingly more popular lately, it has been difficult to do so -- but I always sit down for at least 30 minutes on every upload and respond to comments.  Not only this, I am extremely active on Twitter.  I will not refuse any question or comment.  When I was first starting out on YouTube, none of the bigger channels would answer my questions or pay any attention to a "noobie boobie" like me.  I vowed that if I ever reached the level of success some of these guys had, I would NOT be that way.  That's my mentality.

If you've seen any of my videos, you'll know they take a lot of effort.  The quality should be readily apparent.  There's no clickbaiting on my channel.  All of my videos are legitimate.  What I put in the title of the video, you'll definitely be sure to find in the content of the video.  There's no news or drama on my channel.  I grew my subscriber base out of pure quality content, something a lot of YouTube videos are lacking in this day and age.  I stand by my work 100%.

I do have a few issues standing in my way.  I currently cannot afford to do YouTube full-time.  As such, I do work a normal job full-time.  I also have 3 children, ages 7, 5, and 3.  My daughter, age 5, was born with a severe disability called spina bifida myelomeningocele.  She has already had TWELVE (12) major operations.  She cannot go to the bathroom on her own, requires a nurse at home, and has a lot of medical issues.  The majority of my income goes towards her medical bills.  (To find out more about my daughter, including our trip to Disney World via the Make-A-Wish foundation, watch this video:  Lastly, I have a very cranky wife.  She absolutely hates that I "waste my time" doing YouTube videos.  She does not seem to understand that it CAN actually provide income.  She hates me playing Call of Duty, as she thinks it's a bad influence on the kids.  Not only this, she does not let me have my own gaming room.  She actually makes me play in our closet.  Granted, it's a fairly large closet, but I literally play sitting cross-legged on my floor in a closet.  That's my gaming set-up.  

Due to all of the above combined issues, I'd say I have about an hour or less a day to work on YouTube videos.  It's a miracle I am able to upload as frequently as I do -- but I'd love to upload even more frequently.  

So now I'm asking for your help to take my channel to the next level (and then some) for several much-needed goals, including:

  • Upgrading my gaming set-up.  Since my wife will not allow me to spend any money on video game related items, she will not allow me to have a gaming room.  Donations may change her tune a bit, which is what I'm trying to achieve here.  I have a full basement, which currently is unfinished.  There's ample room for a gaming room, but I currently lack the funds to finish the basement.  With donations, this will be my #1 goal.  I absolutely need a work area.  I need a gaming desk and a gaming chair.  It would seem that only through donations can I make this a reality.
  • Live streaming!  So many times I've been asked to live stream, but in order to do this I will need to increase my internet speed, upgrade my desktop and buy the required streaming equipment.
  • FURTHER INCREASING THE AWESOME! Help keep me going, ensuring a steady flow of funding to pursue additional channel improvements!!

Please consider backing my channel!  If every subscriber pledged $1 a month, I'd be golden. Whatever pledge you can manage will help me marshal the time, resources, and manpower to tackle some long-awaited projects and initiatives!
$23 of $500 per month
This is my starting goal.  This would comfortably help me purchase the necessary items to help maintain my channel.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 16 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 16 exclusive posts

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