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Tactical Shit has been unapologetic-ally, authentic as fuck for over 5 years.  We have made over 500 funny and informative videos, shitloads of memes and tons of podcasts for our Tactical Shithead Fans.  

We have begun this Patreon account for our 3%'rs.  Not the ones with the tattoos and the truck decals, the 3% of our Tactical Shithead Fan-base that want to support our growth and continued fuckery. 

In the past we have brought on sponsors to cover the high costs of video production, editing and dildos.  This Patreon account proceeds will go 80% to buy new video production equipment, props, cameramen fees and set design.  The other 20% will be donated to US Veterans Foundation for them to use in supporting those who continue to give us the freedom to do what we do.   When we get enough support we will launch our very own Tactical Shit TV breaking free of the liberal chains that bind us on Youtube and Facebook.

Think of this like Public Fucking Tactical Television.

We will be putting all of our Talk Shit Video and Audio Podcasts here first.
We will publish all of our produced original videos (Like ISIS & Antifa Hunting) here first.
We will ONLY publish full episodes of Tactical TMZero here starting in February 2018
We will publish tons of EXCLUSIVE behind the scenes content here.
and LASTLY but BESTLY we will give our Patreon Threepers EXCLUSIVE Money Saving Promo Codes that are not available anywhere else even when there are no sales going on.  That's right, there will ALWAYS be a Patreon Promo Code.  It will change weekly so check back in often or before you place an order.

Thank you so much for being a $hithead Supporter.  Together we will do great things.
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You get shit.  But you get to watch all the exclusive content and behind the scenes footage we publish weekly.  This is a great way to follow the behind the scenes action at Shot Show and NRA.  If nothing else it just tells us you care about the quality of our productions and you want to see Tactical Shit TV be a reality.
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Get a FREE TS Morale Patch & 5% OFF ALL of your Purchases ALL THE TIME.  No Restrictions.
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You get the 5% off EVERYTHING as well as a New PVC Morale Patch chosen just for you every month shipped to your door.
$1,810 of $2,000 per month
When we reach $2000 per month we will launch our very own Tactical Shit Video Channel and abandon the Liberal Youtube BS.
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