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About Tai Toon Studios

Hey there and Welcome to Tai Toon Studios! I've started my Patreon because I want to improve myself as both a cartoonist and a comic writer. I love drawing cartoons and I love making folks smile with my unique brand of humor and cast of characters.

Currently, I'm working on 2 interconnected series along with our previous Patreon star as my Pet Projects. Mainly, my other Toons may find their way on here as works in progress.

  • Masks of Fate: Super-heroics in Progress (November 2011-Oct 2018 Revision-Present)
  • TWITS (June 2018-Present)
  • Theory's Practice (Oct 2018-Present)

~Masks of Fate: Super-heroics in Progress ~

In the past, Masks of Fate was a comic that was spearheaded by myself and supported with concept art and script ideas from 4 other folks. Since 2013, the group has dispersed and I attempted to continue the comic in small strides on my own. As stated in the update as of October 2018, I was unable to continue with the current story line due to a lot of the characters in said comic no longer being/wanting to be associated with the comic. So I'm rewriting the entire series. The old version will still be referred to as Masks of Fate while the new saga will have the subtitle "Super-heroics in Progress" added on.
Masks of Fate: Super-heroics in Progress follows the adventures of Masquerade Mouse and Coal Cat as they fight to protect Cold-Fur city from falling into the clutches of the nefarious Dr. Diaboliclaw.

As a graduate of Toon Tech Institute of the Slapstick Arts, TW thought she'd be the perfect candidate for ACME. Turns out that quite literally bombing your interview doesn't go over well with the execs...
With limited options in her field, she's been hired by TWIT, Toon Wares of Industrial Thematics, as warehouse 15's sole employee. Which is fine unless you're just the right amount of hapless and your 'co-star' is a cute little robot that thrives on slapstick and comedic timing.

What could go wrong?

~Theory's Practice~
Welcome to the Toon Tech Institute of the Slapstick Arts where the highest in physical comedy education awaits! Too bad TW wasn't prepared for what was in store for the next 4 years of her life while she studied here. Will enduring life as her school's hapless mascot be enough to keep her grades up? 

Each Tier has its own benefit and insight into how I build the worlds behind these comics and the processes that I use to complete each page. Just as well, when patrons work together they can unlock goals that only patrons can benefit from. 

Though a long road it is, little steps add up and make for an exciting journey. Really, I'm just happy that folks would consider supporting what I love to do and I appreciate it to no end. I promise to work my hardest to create content that others enjoy.

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I'll be able to start making character and illustration prints based on designs from any of the 3 series featured here on Patreon. Patrons will always have access to a discount. 
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