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About Taj Tout

I Write Manga!

I have two series currently running; Unite the Hunt! and World of Separation

Unite the Hunt! (Patrons get Early Access!)

Unite the Hunt! is a series for everyone! It’s what I call a “Reader-Driven Create-Your-Own-Adventure”. At the end of each chapter, you get to vote and decide what happens next! It’s a lot of fun, especially as more people get involved!
Patrons not only get early access to each new chapter, but exclusive access to tie-breakers, insight into what could have happened if votes went another way, and more!
It's completely free to read and vote, and always will be! Join the hunt!

Unite the Hunt!

World of Separation (Patron Exclusive)

World of Separation is an exclusive series for Patrons. When I’m not working on Unite the Hunt! or any other projects, I’m writing this one. It’s a series about a couple who get kicked into a new dimension by an alcoholic cat. If that sounds interesting to you, read the first chapter for free!

World of Separation - Chapter 1

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If you become a Patron, you’ll get early access to Unite the Hunt!, access to World of Separation, behind the scenes, exclusive sketches, cut ideas, etc. You’ll also get to be a part of the community we’re building! Beyond that, writing manga full-time is a dream of mine, and by supporting me, you’re helping me get one step closer to making that dream come true!
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Workin' Full Time!

I'll be able to focus on writing without worry!
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