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Take2sips is founded by two friends who have two very different opinions, but the same views when it comes to feminism. Our vision is to create a one stop shop. No matter your creativity or your artistic style, we will have a place for you to be heard. This is a platform for those who cannot speak up for themselves, or are afraid to because of this fucked up world that we live in. Together we conquer, divided we stand to waiver, and we choose not to go down. 

We chose Patreon as a platform to reach out and ask for others to see our vision, to step in, help us rise up, and be able to expand our brand. We see the brand going beyond podcasting, and being a voice for women and men, and all genders who are sick and tired of the bullshit. People want to have a place that they can come too and be themselves which is what we are offering in the long run. The Take2sips business and our podcast is built on just that, and the direction Melissa and Shalaya is taking this wonderful journey is something that you will want to see and be a part of by donating. Anything you give $5, $20, $100, and beyond is appreciated, and all your contributions will go towards growing this brand with all of you in mind. Help us Help you! Our World, Your World... One voice, Two Ears, Many Channels!!

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Our goal is to bring bigger and better content to you all. When we reach this goal we will be able to hire a team to do all of our editing for us. Our podcast will sound better, clearer, and exsquite while our videos on youtube will be top notch. Our creative journey will not be limited due to a lack of quality equipment and time.
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