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About Creed

Hey guys, TalesOfCreed here and this here is a way to support me if you enjoy my content.

There's not much to say really since I'm sure many of you know how Patreon works and would only come if you really know me. I've been doing videos for many years and more so recently, I've been putting much of my time into them. I like making content for you guys and while I never expect it to be really a thing that fully supports me, I would like to make enough where I can help out with paying for some bills and necessities. I'm going to be trying to put even more work as some future games that I'm excited for release so if you do enjoy my stuff and want to help out, think about supporting. It honestly helps me out a lot and makes doing these videos easier for me since I know I'll be really making them for a purpose. And that is just to please you guys and have fun!

To add on to this since I haven't updated this description in awhile, this is something that helps me out immensely with getting to be able to release content, having better equipment as well as paying for bills. I want to continue to create better work for you guys and knowing that there are people willing to support and help out alone is an amazing feeling. As well as just things cost money. Damn them things. So just know that even if you take a glance at what's going on here, I do appreciate it and I hope you'll consider supporting me.

$254 of $500 per month
This is probably as high as I'll go on the goal list because I'm uncreative and I can't think of what to offer you guys. I would want to say that most of what you would expect from this tier is just more content in general. A lot of my worries from pursuing making videos seriously is that it won't lead anywhere but reaching this tier would definitely turn my thinking around. Videos, Streams, Anime reviews and fan chosen Let's Plays are on the table for this one.
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