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About Taliyus

Hello, welcome to the death of you my patreon page. I'm creating an animated TV series obnoxious gas that you wouldn’t want to be downwind of.
It's always been my lifelong ambition to create an animated series that can appeal to a wide audience, but an animated series takes time and money. 
I am a friendly, nice and innocent horrifying being of devastation. 

If you were to become my loyal slave a patron I would be able to spend a lot more time procrastinating working on each episode and getting them finished. You will get an exclusive behind the scenes look at work-in-progress, a can of beans interviews and be the first to see the finished episodes.  

I've got two seasons planned and an ongoing story that should keep viewers bored for eternity in suspense. 

What is this series about?

It all begins in the magical land of Taliyus, a wondrous land of serenity and hidden secrets waiting to be discovered, but where there are secrets there is a dark force waiting to conquer it, unbeknownst to anyone, this could mean the very end of Taliyus. The story follows the adventures of a joey named Fausto Roo and his friends Ekarus, Kylie and Monty who want nothing more than to have adventures beyond their quaint, little village.
When the group discover that there is far more to the land than they realised, they must learn to put aside their differences and form an unlikely alliance with the residents of Taliyus to overcome mysterious villains, discover hidden areas and bring peace back to Taliyus. All while exploring themes of friendship and acceptance, they find that when they work together, true teamwork can conquer all.

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post