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is creating Videos and a Minecraft RP Server!
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Not afraid of the dark? A delver will explore anything. A buried city of the undead? Feh, that's just Saturday.

-A role that grants you access to unique Channels on the discord!

-Access to the Patreon feed that will have behind the scenes, and early access to videos, as well as Sneak Peaks as to the direction of the server. We'll also do Patreon only polls to help us get the channel and server going in the right direction ^^

Includes Discord rewards
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Titans fell from the sky in leagues, blackening the sun briefly. These beings of immense influence are massive beyond comprehension.

-All previous Tier benefits

-A rank on the Minecraft server that will come with its own kit, /feed, and more that has yet to be decided.

Includes Discord rewards
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Dreamers are the ultimate storytellers, dream a little dream and create a whole new world...

Comes with all previous benefits as well as a very special kit on the server

Includes Discord rewards




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About World of Ezarion

We are essentially a two-person team creating a truly unique RP server experience on Minecraft. An experience using mods, videos, and in-game story-telling that will keep you interested. We plan on having a constant Youtube presence to get people to hype over the events that happen on the server. Our goal is to create the best place for all lovers of writing, reading, Minecraft, and strong friendly communities. Our players are not afraid to tell their stories, its time you came to tell your own!
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With this, the server will officially pay for itself and then some. We will no longer have to rely on our own income to keep the server up!
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