is creating crappy gaming videos in which he and his friends die a lot!

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  • I'll give a personal thank-you on the video description of each Unsurviving series. Because you're awesome, y'know?
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  • My most sincere thanks to you, displayed on the video description of each Unsurviving video.
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Let me tell you: Major League Gaming, this ain't.


I'm TamiyaGuy. I made half-arsed Youtube videos on how to screw up as many games as possible in as catastrophic a way as possible. They're not quite Let's Plays, they're certainly not tutorials and they're far from being "lol moments", so I've just taken to calling them the Unsurviving Series. Embarassing deaths, complete breakdowns in communication, some rather colourful swearing and even the occasional meme are par for the course here, so you have been warned.

I figured I might give this whole Patreon dealie a shot, test the waters and see how you all react. If it takes off, awesome, that means more frequent and better quality videos for you and a small little "thank you" for me. What's not to like? Whatever you think, though, keep watching, keep gaming, and keep smacking those bank guards with a wad of cash. Thanks for reading.

Important note: Only the "Unsurviving" series of videos will be linked to Patreon; everything else will be completely donation-less as normal. On top of that, each new Unsurviving sub-series will start out free, so you'll never be donating to shit that you don't want!

Check out the Unsurviving series!
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Unsurviving GTA Online
Unsurviving Payday 2

Older Unsurviving videos
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I'm going to be honest here: This whole page has gone way beyond anything I thought possible when I started it. All I can do is thank you all for those sweet sweet Patreon dollars and keep churning out over-edited, under-funny videos whenever the stars align under the blood moon.
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