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Welcome to the world of Tanda Madison Makes. In the real world I have always enjoyed hands on work and designing and making just about anything. In the fiction series which is produced and distributed online I play a character Tanda Madison who lives underground in the abandoned shop of Vanguard-Tech in a future world where human-in-the-loop making and manufacturing has been all but eliminated. However there is a vibrant underground of "Makers" who still possess the old skills. They are called on by folks looking for prized old world human made articles or to make the things those in control of the machines deem unnecessary to make. In the videos we blur the line by incorporating items myself and my patrons and friends are making in the real world.
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When I hit my first goal of 10 patrons, I will make a customized gadget to send to each one of you regardless of your support tier. Just to celebrate getting started. I will also find a way to mention you, your channel, or one of your builds in the story line. 
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