is creating Traditional & digital paintings and Funko pop customization.
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cute pies
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  • Access to progress shots from both my digital and traditional art that won't be posted anywhere else online. 
  • you will get a copy of my digital painting palette.
  • A picture update of whatever is on my working space. 
  • Daily updates on my funko customization work. 
  • Digital painting tutorials (videos)
  • Digital painting tips and tricks.
  • Speed painting videos that won't be posted to my youtube channel.
  • My digital painting brush set.
  • tons of love. 
Majestic beings
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  • All the above
  • Full time digital painting videos. 
  • Traditional art tips and tricks.
  • PSD files of my sketches that you can download and work with. 
  • Traditional art tutorials.
  • Traditional art tips and tricks.
  • Funko customization tutorials (painting and sculpting).
  • Digital painting giveaway.
  • I will be answering traditional, digital or Funko related questions.
  • I will help you improve your art (traditional, digital and Funko customization)




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About Tantoun

I have been an artist for the past six years and I aspire to better myself and hopefully others. As much as I love sharing my work with everyone on social media accounts but that doesn't help my career as an artist sadly. I do traditional drawings including pencil/colored pencils and sculpting. I also do digital paintings as well as Funko pop customization (sculpting/painting).  I hope that my patreon will be interesting enough for everyone.

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