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Do you consistently devalue yourself?  Don't believe you are a gift? Would you like to end the cycle of negative self-talk?  

Our LIVE Coaching is a great way to receive real-time strategies and solutions to discovering your authentic self and breaking through the barriers of fear.

ONE weeknight and weekend day: —— 1st Saturday of the month at 1pm starting Jan 3rd and Thursday @ 6pm—Jan 17th

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Making the Impossible Possible Series
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Have you ever wondered if you were strong enough to withstand the “storm” of your life? Find out how to tap into your own strength and wisdom and navigate through the storms of life with peace and relative ease! This series will have you deepen your trust in yourself to be the confident ringmaster of your own life. Learn practices to be guided by your own intuition, make decisions with confidence, manage your emotions, cultivate your own voice, and much much more!
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Sign up for personalized one-on-one coaching with Tasneem Noor. After you’ve placed your order, Tasneem will reach out to schedule your complimentary strategy session with her and schedule 4 appointments for the month.   




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Welcome to the Your Greatest Gifts Community, a community where we can shine, strive and succeed.

I believe that the greatest gift we can give to ourselves is to be our authentic self. The way you live your authentic self can be effortless, but we often make it so hard. Being your authentic self is having faith and confidence in yourself and own your worthiness.

To be authentic is TO BE YOU. All of you. Build your capacity to be honest with yourself, be honest with others, to listen honestly to others, to be present and constructive with others.  The most authentic thing you can do is to grow. You owe it to yourself and your Creator, if you believe in that, to be your most authentic self!

So that is what we will be doing together every other week. Diving in to growth and making it effortless to connect to your worthiness, connect to your confidence. Removing any of those doubts and judgments, because when we are talking about our gifts, we only have two choices: build upon them or hide them!

ONE weeknight and weekend day: —— 1st Saturday of the month at 1pm starting Jan
3rd and Thursday @ 6pm—Jan 17th

Planned out curriculum. Whole month to build upon it. Folks can start whenever, rolling enrollment. Access to all the recordings.

Why is this a community?
* We are all invested
* It takes all of us to support one another, and hold one another to thrive
* We are witnesses to each other as we live our greatest gifts
* We are building together, discovering together, growing together, and building our muscle to be more honest and expansive together.
* Community of growth and honest expression.

If you would like to support this Community, please join us by becoming a Member today and access exclusive resources and services through each tier.  By supporting Your Greatest Gifts Community, you directly contribute to the creation of more motivational content!!  It is my intention and dedication to help you and all whom I can.

With Faith in your Success, 
Tasneem Noor.
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Whoo Hoo!  Our community is growing and it's all thanks to all of us coming together to help each other prosper and discover the power within being our authentic selves.
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