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  • Exclusive communication with me. Feel free to ask me if you have any question on painting.
  • Exclusive Art (illustrations from the series "Seasonal trends", illustration of goods of fashion brands, illustration of celebrities, mash-ups or crossovers).
  • Exclusive animation or video which demonstrate the stages of the working process.

Patreon is the first place where all announcements, new works, working process and so on are published!




My name is Tata Dushan. I am an independent vector artist. I like fashion and style, lifestyle, portrait. I prefer the Minimalism style but embellish it a striking and vivid detail that I really like the look. So looks spectacular and i like it!
You can see much of what I've made lately here and here!
Contact me for commissions and collaborations!

Why do use Patreon?

I am an independent illustrator and do not have a permanent income. I work a lot because I can`t draw. But I work on my own terms. I do not like to draw only trends. Although often it has to be done to earn a living for me and my beloved cat. She wants to be with me always and everywhere, loves to eat and loves toys. And I love her and wish her a happy cat life near me.
I have my own, individual and special look at the world around me, which I implement in my works. He likes people! And it pleases and inspires me! But I need your support. I need patrons to create what I like and fascinating for you. Your support will help me pay my bills, support other creators, and save for educational and networking opportunities. This will give me more free time to create more and more often lay out my work for you, to communicate with you. Your patronage tells me that the work I do matters to you, and I'm very grateful to have your support! You will see all the stages of my creative path and professional development.
You understand that Patreon this is not business for me. This is my duty to the patrons! Patreon this is the first place where I upload my new works. Also this is the place where I have a constant contact with my subscribers. If you have any questions or suggestions about my content, then feel free to ask, write me here on my page on Patreon.I'm open to discussions. My goal is to keep in touch with my patrons and inspire you with my new works and ideas.
Do you like what I create? Then just support me!

What will you have?

About interesting and useful content

Now I will unload monthly packages. They can include:
  • Announcements of future works,
  • New illustrations,
  • Exclusive art (illustrations of clothes and accessories of the world's leading brands, lifedrawing, and others interesting delicacies),
  • GIF animation or video of workflows.
Later, the packages will also include Animation . Tutorials will also be, but in due time. Follow the Goals on my page on Patreon.
You certainly guess that now I place my work on a large number of places for sales, I'm engaged in the sharing and promotion of their work. This is necessary to ensure an opportunity for existence. But this requires attention and concentration. It takes a huge amount of time and takes a huge amount of creativity. Often, you need to repeatedly edit the same image, so that the work is consistent with the requirements of a particular place for sales. But thanks to your support, everything can change. Your support will allow me to allocate even more time for creativity. And accordingly, and pay more attention to new work and communication with my patrons.
I aspire to weekly posts. This is most interesting for you and me! I have many different interesting ideas that I would like to implement. And we will definitely talk about them here, on Patrion. But it all depends on how quickly we reach the number one goal.

Have you become a patron? Great! Thank you very much!
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Payment for domain names and hosting of my personal site with information about me and portfolio, as well as online stores where you can buy a vector art by Tata Dushan.
Also it will help me to update materials used in drawing sketches and illustrations (paper, pens, subscription to software, plug-ins, etc.).

In exchange for your support, I provide a monthly reward package, which also includes an exclusive high-resolution art, animation and workflow video, and much more.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 12 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 12 exclusive posts

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