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About Tatiana Rooney

Hello Everyone!
Thank you for stopping by. It truly means a lot to me! As does any viewer watching a video of mine. Thank you!

I am Tatiana. 24 years old. German American. And a passionate dancer!

Thisyear I finished my Bachelors Degree in Dance at the Institute of the Arts Barcelona in Spain. Prior to this I studied in London, at Laine Theatre Arts.
Since 2013 I run a YouTube channel where I share fitness workouts, health advice, dance tutorial videos and good vibes.
I have over 1,5 Million total views, which is INSANE! I'm still "growing slowly."

I always try to be my honest self, while being uplifting and positive. I want to encourage and inspire people to become the best versions of themselves by leading happy lives. I want to achieve this by sharing my videos and ideas. I am an idealist, I always strive to make things better. And I hope to spread some positive, creative energy into the world.
I like to challenge my viewers to go that step further, taking risks and learning to lay off self doubt. I like to give advice based on personal experience and personal growth.. that ANYHING is POSSIBLE if you BELIEVE.
(I hope this does not sound too cheesy )

I come from a very creative family, so I never run out of ideas. BUT I do run out of time, energy and resources.
I wish to make consistent content for you guys!
Additionally, I want to start a programme called " A Life worth Living" where I will combine everything I have learned from my rigorous training in dance while keeping your mind relaxed and in a healthy state.
Also, I hope to grow a following on my Blog, where I share my recipes, life advice and explain my DANCE-WORK-SWEAT fitness program. I would love to build up an online business that involves around my love for fitness and health.
In the future I would love to write a recipe cook book, as well.
I am at the very very beginning of my career, so I know I have SO much to learn and improve on.


Why support me through Patreon?

Well, you do not have to. If you just came to read my story that's good enough for me !
I LOVE making videos, it helps me in SO many ways. I am such a shy person, and I learn to be comfortable in my own skin and talking in front of a camera, teaching people. It give me a lot of joy!
I am so happy people watch my videos and learn something. That is my GOAL!
To inspire people and help them out on their life journey in some way.

Feel free to support me, if you want to for the following things:
    • A Digital SLR camera 
    •  Adobe Premiere ( iMovie works fine, yet is not the ideal)
    • Microphone
    • Vlogging Camera
    • Proper lighting equipment
    • Professional photos: Head Shots, Body Shots, Dance Shots.
    • I want to invest more energy, time and money into my channel - ( if you believe it'd have what it takes..)
    • I wish to study nutrition at some point in my life. I feel like I there is so much confusion concerning dieting in this world today.
    • I guess some support in my journey becoming a dancer and creating this content, would take some of the weight off my shoulders from having to pay rent and food and college tuition.. while worrying about finding work as a professional dancer ( but by reading this or showing interest in my videos you already have helped support me in achieving my goals!)

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me anything. 

Much love,

Tatiana x

My website:

My Dancers Show Reel: 

1 short video of me dancing:

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