Ashley Dionne

is creating short films, music, and political commentary.

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I’m Ash.

I'm a 30-year-old woman from the great state of Michigan. 
I'm a freedom-loving American.

I graduated from The University of Michigan with a degree in film back in 2009 and I mention this specifically (Although I've studied other things more recently) because I have always wanted to be a filmmaker.
I have written five feature-length screenplays and I would love to see this projects come to fruition.
I'd love to direct and act, but here's the rub: Not only do I not have direct connections to Hollywood, my past political commentary, and commentary I will no doubt give in the future, rubs Hollywood types the wrong way.
I'm not a leftist and I never will be.

In 2013, I became, very briefly, and anti-Obamacare poster child.
Mike Huckbee had me on his show to discuss it:

My views are out there, never to be erased, nor would I have them erased.
But I do not feel that not walking in lockstep should mean I don't get to do what I love.

On this page, I hope to give open political commentary, as well as post my short film, music, and one day, make features. 

If you support free speech and want some great content, please, become a patron.

Thank you for your help!

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When I reach $200 a month, I will feature a patron for an interview about a hot button issue. 

I'm open to suggestions from patrons as to topics to discuss and what you guys would like to see. 
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