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Thank you for supporting me - coffee fueled programming rages shall commence more frequently.

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as a child with 4 older brothers and 1 younger, the Toonie was an invaluable bribry and survival tool - Still is today

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if you spend 5 bucks you will be happy to know you squashed a bug. Wait dont panic I just mean a programming bug!




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About Taylund

Hello There!

My name is TK. I am a video game Developer and programmer (Self Taught) for a family operated company LiquidFire. Our company has been working on its dream of becoming a successful game company for many years. LiquidFire has published several iPhone apps and now we are working on PC games. Our current project is called Knife Club VR, it is a 1vs1 and 2vs2 deathmatch style game.

LiquidFire is made up of 5 family members:
  • Barrett -  Full-time Texture Artist and Website creator
  • Brandon -  Part-time Programmer
  • Sheldon - Full-time Animator
  • Sherri - Part-time Animator
  • Myself - Full-time Programmer

Our goal for many years is to become an independent game company. Liquidfire strives to put gameplay-play experience first, combined with new the edge of new technology such as VR.

Once Knife Club has the features and polish put into it to make it a game that is genuinely fun and enjoyful to play, our plan is to continue to develop and add new features to it!

Currently I work a full time job managing 175 suites. My employment keeps me extremely busy, but I work at being as efficient as possible to make Knife Club goals still come to fruition. With any support it will free up more dedicated time to Knife Club.
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This is actually a very serious hallmark, the endless commitment is finally working. This goal may be the biggest one to achieve. Its something that will tell me the direction I am going in is right. That direction includes building really fun multiplayer experiences.
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