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You're officially a backer of Tdog_Clisis. That means your monthly contribution is helping to grow the channel, and you can call yourself one of Big Dog Patreon. (Every dollar makes a difference. As of Dec. 11 2014, If every one of Baron's followers tipped just one dollar a month, we would almost reach our highest patreon goal!)

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Access to the Tdog_Clisis Patreon Channel, where you'll get an exclusive sneak peak behind the scenes of one of Twitch's fastest growing partners.
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You're more than just a backer - you're a true fan. You're the sort of person who tells their friends about TDOG, and you're willing to put forward an extra dollar a month to make up for the followers who don't.

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  • The previous reward tier.
  • Access to "Tdog's Rant's", an exclusive video section of the Patreon channel where Tdog babbles to himself about matters of vague importance.
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If you're already a Twitch subscriber, and now want to throw more support behind the Tdog as he creates Kennel YOU KNOW AND LOVE! You can back at the Friends of Tdog's level!

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  • All previous reward tiers
  • A special mention at the end of every stream
  • Access to the exclusive Mod Status on Channel for a month!




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Everyday I stream wanting to become a better and bigger streamer. Hoping to touch the lives of those who watch and entertain also myself. If you pledge this will allow me to grow my audience and play games that are better in content for my channel and better entertainment for the audience!
$0 of $200 per month
Cost of living and the stream will allow me to stream everyday and not fall over from not feeding the Big Dog! 
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