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is creating Worldbent; An ongoing Web-series
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About Team Anchora

Team Anchora

As of writing this, it has been a year and 3 months since Team Anchora's creation. For the last year, we have worked almost non-stop toward creating the Webseries of our dreams; Worldbent. The journey has had many ups and downs, but it has also brought many of us together. This has been one of the greatest journey's of my life, and I am proud to have shared each and every second aboard Team Anchora with such lovely and talented individuals.

Why We're Here

However, all this talent doesn't come cheap. I myself don't come from money, and my coworkers all deserve far more than I have been able to pay them thus far. The purpose of this Patreon will be to fund the creation of Worldbent, along with the management of Team Anchora. With that being said - Thank you all for listening to our story!


Worldbent itself can be found HERE:
It is still an early WIP Webcomic, so don't expect anything revolutionary... Yet.
If you just want to hear what our music sounds like, our Bandcamp can be found HERE:

(This page will be updated by November 25th to include new graphics and description text, as well as more neatly-presented content.)
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This is a good start towards funding Worldbent! If this goal is reached, I'll post a big State-of-the-Worldbent address on where we're at in development!
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