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Every week I will pick 2 people from this tier to mail 2 mystery items, each item could be a random booster pack, toy, or secret rare/ultra rare/rare that I pulled from my videos, or Yugioh related item. Also If I get more than 200 patron in this tier, the mystery item could include a yugioh power box or mystery cube. 



About TeamLucky7

Hello duelists, I wanted to give my audience a different type of youtube experience. Before people just watch for the opening of new booster boxes, deck profile, or Yugioh related content, however, I want to give everyone a different experience; everyone that watches my videoes, subscribes and becomes a rewarded patron will receive a gift to two lucky duelists per week(No same duelists will be picked every week, so everyone will get a chance to receive a thank you gift)! Also, My main reason for doing these videos and giveaways is to support myself through college. So Stay Tuned and Claim your worth!
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When I reach 200 patrons, I will do a massive giveaway; which will include booster packs, sleeves, playmat, and toys! To receive this giveaways must subscribe to my patreon every months! Stay tuned! 
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