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is creating Community Events & Swag
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This is our basic level of support.  

  • Sneak Peek of upcoming events and merch.
  • Can give first input before making it live to the community.
  • Access to Patron-only feed.
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This is our classic level of support.  

  • A Community Day pin, regardless of Silph Road check-in.
  • Plus all rewards from previous tiers.
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  • Custom Team Decal OR Custom Pokemon Decal (one-time benefit)
  • Plus all rewards from previous tiers.



About Norwalk PoGo Group

Hello Team Norwalk! 

Pokemon Go is the reason why we all met and we would love to give back to this fantastic community!

What do WE wanna do?
  • Host events and giveaways
  • Community Day pins (based off the Silph Road badge for that month)
In the past, we've had pizza parties at Vet's (which people had to chip in a la carte) and gave away Eevee pins during August 2018 Community Day (which our Silph Guides paid for). 

We want to continue doing stuff like this, and more in the future, but we can only do that with your help. 

By becoming a Patron, you are directly contributing to events and prizes.

With enough funds, we wouldn't have to ask people to pay for food at each event, as it would just come out of the group pool. The same thing would apply to any giveaways or raffles. 

Why Patreon?
  • It's a very easy way to get funds monthly, ensuring a consistent flow of funds, versus doing a separate fundraiser each month for funds.

Extra funds will rollover for the next event. No profit is being made. If you want to contribute in other methods, please contact us on discord: @CorgiFluff#6710 and @nyudiana#7416

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