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Adventures of Team Sunflower | DeviantArt | Tumblr

Team Sunflowers Adventures is about a Pichu named Muro who was abandoned and on the road who soon meets a Petilil named Koko that works under a guild of Archeologists. The guild works to uncover and understand Pokemon and civilizations of yesterday and today.

 Unfortunately, due to the need of money to live I've had to put it off a lot for more important work. And now I'd like to make it more of an independent adventure story.

Does this mean I am charging you?
Here's the thing: The comic itself is free, so anybody can read it here! Or even here! That means you owe me nothing. Go ahead and read it if you want.
So if you wish to help support to make it bigger and better, then support! It would help immensely! Due to complicated situations, this and commissions is my main source of income, so I'll always be trying to give you the best quality art in return for all you've given me.

What do you get if you become a Patron?
The satisfaction of supporting a developing artist, and my undying gratitude!! You also get to see all my crazy concepts for the story and early access to the sketched and completed pages!!! Or maybe if you're interested enough, requested linearts or cameos!

I'm using this as a way for interested parties to support an artist they want to see more work from. No matter what, every little bit of support helps immensely! Even the smallest dollar makes a difference. Thank you all!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 495 exclusive posts

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