Team Zerra

is creating A 2D top-down survival/RPG.
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The tier for people that make Zerra truly grow. Zerrarians will get a special role on the Zerra discord to flex their status.
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The tier for people that that put more into the game than we ever could have wanted them to. Princes will get exclusive sneak peeks of the game before the community does on discord!




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About Team Zerra

Zerra is a 2D top-down video game that will include survival/RPG mechanics. Made in love with Java and LWJGL, the goal of Zerra is to be a game built for the community, by the community. The game currently has no set release date, and is being worked on every day by team Zerra (which can be seen in our discord). As stated, our content is mostly shown off in our discord server, which can be found here:

Patreon is a fantastic platform for our fanbase to directly fuel our team and our continuous effort to build Zerra. 

Our team is just a conglomeration of developers from across the world who are passionate about delivering great content for people to play with. We don't care much about asking for money, but any that is donated is greatly appreciated, and the usage of your donation will go towards funding web hosting, server upkeep, supporting our developers, and delivering content faster to you, the community.
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When this goal of $15 is reached, we will have enough money to host our website for about a year!
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