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About TechPowerUp

TechPowerUp is a leading tech publication, with fast news, thorough reviews, and a strong community.

  • We make GPU-Z, which is the world's most popular information utility to learn more about the specs and features of your graphics card.
  • Our VGA BIOS collection is one of a kind, having the right BIOS, even if you lost yours.
  • The Case Mod Gallery is the perfect place for case modders to show off their latest creations.
  • We maintain one of the largest repositories of information on graphics card and processor models on the web, including custom-design graphics cards.

Some of the funds generated by this Patreon project will go to the purchase of hardware for review that's more difficult to come by. For example many vendors choose to not sample lower-end products, like cheap CPUs or basic RTX 2080 designs, even though these are the products that most users today are interested in. Supporters with the "gold" tier level get access to a special forum section where they can discuss and vote on what should be reviewed next.

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