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In 1999 I was ready to commit suicide.
My life really sucked.
Everything I was living for was gone.
In a short 24 hours, I had gone from the top to the bottom.
I was a successful business owner with platinum credit, on my way up. A respected figure in my hometown. Stellar reputation, beautiful wife, a great life. Then it was gone. All gone. And to make matters worse, I was now hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt.
Just like that.
I could have seen it coming, had I known what to look for. It killed me in many ways. I was close to ending it all. I had the loaded pistol in my hand. I made a decision to live. And prosper.
The suicide rate in the United States is epidemic. Help me help those who want to live a better life.
I've come a long way. I've pick up a lot of great information along my journey to recovery. I would like to pass some if it on so that, maybe, I can save someone else the pain and heartache that I have been through.
I want to be focusing on helping others learn enough about how life works to help them live a better life.
I'll be updating this site and adding some perks later.
I really appreciate your helping me make this world a better place for all of us.

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