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About Stephen Tejada

Welcome! Hopefully if you're reading this, then that means that I have helped you, positively influenced you, or just been generally nice to you in some way that made you want to hire or help me back. GREAT! That's how I think the world should work and it's what I strive to put out into the universe.

I work as a freelance stage technician with the aspirations of building major music festivals and put this site together for people who believe in me and want to help me pursue my dream. The work isn't constant and for the next foreseeable future I'll also be working smaller part-time jobs to pay the rent and whatnot.

This is where you come in.

I know many of you struggle to support yourselves, and I am not asking anything from you that you cannot afford. While I don't have the money to make a nice video starring Alyssa Milano telling you all about how you can monetarily support me, I can tell you myself that for less than 35 cents a day you can get me the semi-serious help that I need to not live on the street. You can literally just give me a dollar a month and I would be happy with that. 


OK... OK... I hear you, you don't have to shout. Yes, what the hell will you get back in return for financially supporting me? While I consider myself a jack-of-all-trades, I wouldn't consider myself a specialist in any specific area. However, I have been told that I am a hell of a cook. So. This page is where I am going to show people how to cook on a budget and save themselves a crapton of money instead of ordering take-out every night. This page is where I am going to post what I am allowed to at the festivals, concerts, trade shows, or whatever that I get hired to build if you're into "behind the scenes" kind of stuff. This page is where I am going to update you on any personal projects that I am working on. This page is where I am going to put my restaurant and free outdoor activities that I find that people might like. This page is where you would go to ask me any questions or get any advice on how I would approach any puzzle or situation. Also, I have a lot of great ideas if anyone is feeling particularly adventurous.

I'm just out here trying to do my best. Thank you for your time.
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