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Hey there! 👋🏼

Welcome to my Patrons page. Weather you follow me on Social, YouTube or if you’re a part of the Travel Too Much community, I want to help you build your presence on social and reach your nomadic dreams. 

My goals on social were always to spreading positivity and empower people to travel more often, and more freely. I want to continue that with  Patron to really teach you ways people build online communities, reduce cost when they travel, and make a business online. 

As Patron you will have exclusive access to my trade secrets, monthly Q&A’s, and behind the scenes video content where I’ll be showing you how to manage work while traveling the world. Here’s a little list of some of the things you’ll see:

  • Tips and Tricks: You will learn how to save money on the road, how to find the best places to stay, how I pitch to hotels/resorts for free stays. I’ll be answering questions in exclusive Q+A's to help you plan your trips.

  • You will learn my success secrets in the business of social media. Using my audience of only 122,000, I’ve been able to see the world—even before I hit 10,000 I was able to use my business skills to still see the world. I’ll teach you how to use your content creation skills to see the world. You will also learn how to improve your trade as photographer and videographer. And if you have questions, the Q+A's are there to help you learn!

Let’s work together to make things happen. 

Teejay Hughes
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