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Any donation is appreciated. However, if you pay $5 or more you'll get early access to CONTENT! That means you'll be viewing my stuff a day before anyone else! ^^
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Every month (Or for as long as you're donating), I will take the time to create song instrumentals that you want specifically. If you want me to make an instrumental of a song that doesn't exist yet, you can choose what genre. I promise I'll do my very best to make it perfect for you!

Disclaimer: Song completion may take up to a month to complete in some cases

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About TeemuVR

My goal in life is simple. I want to make people happy.
I want to get a new computer, so if this whole patreon thing works out, then I'll be able to save up enough to get one! If you'd be so kind to donate, it would be greatly appreciated. I don't have much to give back except content, but any patrons will get early access to videos.

Here's my Soundcloud page for anyone who's interested in getting a song instrumental!
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I will make a personal thank you video to you all, and schedule a meetup in VRChat! If you can't go on VRChat, then I'll happily have a private group call on discord with anyone who can't get on. <3
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