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About Templar and Friends

Greetings, have you ever heard about us ?

What's Templar and Friends ?
   Templar and Friends
is a fictional character series based on medieval age knighthood and other military units. It's published primary on Facebook, as a scenic picture, character sketch, meme, and quiz (we are also looking for a strip comic). Templar and Friends was released for first time on January 7th, 2016.

  This series featuring few medieval age Knighthoods as a single character which drawn as tiny creature. Templar is the main character, which represent the Knight Templar. There's also few notable characters such as Teuton (represent the Teutonic Order), Hospitaller (Order of Hospitaller), Janissary (Ottoman Troop), and many more.
  Templar and Friends audience are people from around the world (mostly Europe) with 16-45 years who interest in history and pop culture. History is the main concept of this series, which become most reason of audience interest. Since it's characters drawn as cute creature we also have some under 15 years old fans. 

What's Our Problems ?
  Templar and Friends introduce histories to young people with fun and creative way. But sadly it's started as non-professional project (part-time hobby), so it's not published frequently. Sometimes this project stopped for few month and then start published again and so.
 Now we are looking to make it become a professional project. So our fans could enjoy the series frequently. But to make it happen of course we need a fund. So here we are, looking to raise fund from our fans.

How to Support Us ?
  Thanks to Patreon, a platform who connect us with our fan. If you want to help us you can sign up to Patreon. You could help us by donating some money (just $1 minimum) per months, and so by doing that you've already support Templar And Friends. You'll also get some rewards from us like a private arts, behind the artwork, tutorials, you drawn as a cute character, and many more !
 After giving us some helps for few months then want to stop support us? don't worry, you can stop if you don't wan't to support us anymore. so, let's see could we achieve our goals !

Thanks so much !
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Let Little Templar and his friends make their first step to become a world well-known characters.
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