is creating Digital Art (Characters or Environments)
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A dollar might not seem like much, but any support helps. If you decide you want to support me, I thank you.

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This is a slightly higher support tier. I appreciate all doggos.

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This tier is for anyone that wants to support me and my team's efforts to produce games.

Anyone supporting at this tier will receive:

-> Early access to the games we're currently working on when they're demo-able.

-> Discord access with a founder role and channel

-> 2 custom discord emojis of your choosing.

For further clarification, we currently have a prototype for a Collectible Card Game, and are working on a 2D Rogue-like ARPG. Both of which are set in the same game world.

If you decide on this, then I'm not sure if there is an effective enough way to put my thanks into words, so I'll do my best to put them into my work.


Includes Discord rewards




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About Tenchu

I like to make art, I want most of it to be for games. UI/UX, Visual Effects, Illustration, Concept Art.

Just keep posting :3
$0 of $250 per month
If I reach this monthly total, I'll hold a dedicated 4-8 weekly live-stream focusing on art. This would be on Saturday or Sunday.

The focus subject would be general art production.
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