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By this you are fully committed to support the cause.
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Why is this level 5? Why not 2? Nobody knows. But with this donation, I will say thank you for supporting and I'm glad you always enjoy my content enough to help and fight against the capitalist taxes of South East Asia.
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this is the biggest support anyone could've given to me with this i say thank you and will invite you to a personal discord of mine and will forever be put inside the hall of greatness on my stream




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Who Am I?
Hi my name is Teno and im 22 years old, I came from a faraway land with lots of rain forest swamp jamet and cheap smoke called indonesia i love to play video games on a daily basis, i do stupid stuff in video games and i always thought "hey i believe i could entertain someone if i stream these shit" so here i am trying to entertain you guys on twitch :D
Why am i on patreon?
with this patreon page you could save me from the hard life of this country with the highly regulated tax and the only income i have from my stream
Why should u be my patreon?
any donations through Patreon keep me alive; it pays all my food & water. I can quite comfortably live on what I have now though, and I'm not greedy, so please only donate if you enjoy my work and simply feel like tipping me to show appreciation. And thank you :)
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With this goal i will upgrade everything so you guys could see a smoother video on fps and connection wise and also increase amount of streaming and youtube activity
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