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Hi! I'm Tentakustar, and I'm a webcomic artist!
Here's also some other sites I'm on!

I first started making webcomics back in 2013 with a horror oneshot called Beetle Girl which I completed that same year. It was from that point on that I really wanted to dive more into telling stories through comics! Comics have inspired me in a way I thought no other medium could! I want to continue telling stories in this medium as long as I'd like too! I do plan on expanding into doing animation and other things as well, But comics will always be my main focus!
It's hard making a living as a cartoonist or an as artist in general. And that's why I have decided to make a patreon. With your support doing art would be a whole lot easier knowing I'm making a living out of it! Drawing and telling stories is one of the biggest things in my life that I enjoy doing I love my characters and I want to do so much with them! And it's not something I ever want to give up. But I need the money to survive! So whatever amount you offer I would be totally grateful for it! And I hope I can continue to please you with my art! 

Thank you so very much! 
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With this amount I can give a little extra helping my mom pay the the bills! I'll also trying drawing an Illustration with all the Betty and Bat characters!
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