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Thank you for considering to support my work. It means alot and it will really help me continue to fund the creation and costs required to keep Guardianstats and Marvin the bot running!

For just $5 a month you can help me afford to keep Guardianstats ad free! and help me with the cost that comes with keeping Guardianstats and Marvin online 24/7!

No matter what you decide i want to thank you for at least checking out my Patreon page and considering to support me as i continue to learn more and more about programming!
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Thank you so much for supporting my work, This $1 will help so much more than you might think. That's 1/5th the price to keep Marvin running!

Pay Marvins Rent
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With this $5 you can completely support Marvin. I cannot thank you enough for wanting to support me in such a way as to pay for Marvins rent on the cloud. You are awesome! Thank you!

Sponsor Marvin + Support me!
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That $10 may not seem like much, But that seriously helps me keep Guardianstats ad free. I hate ads as much as the next guy so i'd love to be able to fully support Guardianstats and Marvin with the help from the community! Thank you so much!

Massive Supporter
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Dude.... $20! Honestly that is incredible, This has gone way beyond just supporting Marvin. You are now supporting my life. Thank you so damn much!

Ultra Super Incredible Insane Supporter
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 Please be sure you are serious about this investment.

If you choose to support me for this much, I don't know what else i could offer you, This investment is a direct impact and immediate impact on my life. You are helping me to continue to afford and study to get my Computer Science degree and further study. 

I am forever grateful and i will never forget the help and support you have given me. 

$5 of $100 per month
After working on Guardianstats and Marvin (discord bot) and many other various bots, I have experienced very different API structures and learning tons along the way. 

I have so many different communities that love the discord bots i create, But i don't have the funds to keep them running 24/7. Not to mention the massive project that is Guardianstats! 

My aim is to keep Guardianstats ad free and to do this. I believe $100 a month would be a great start to helping me achive that goal! It will help me keep a 24/7 uptime on Marvin to give everyone the best experience possible and help me keep Guardianstats ad free!
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