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About Terry Mixon

Hello everyone!

I’m Terry Mixon, author of the bestselling Empire of Bones saga, a military sci-fi / space opera adventure series of equal parts exploration, discovery, and conflict set in the far future. I’ve published ten novels in that series, four in the Humanity Unlimited saga, a couple of (thus far) solo novels, and five co-authored novels.

This Patreon page is devoted to my writing, allowing my fans (that’s you!) the opportunity to help support my creative endeavors and explore my worlds as I’m creating them. That means you can share your comments and thoughts with me as I write my future novels while getting to read my work before anyone else.

I'll be posting each chapter as I write it. You'll get the first draft, hot off the voice dictation and keyboard, warts and all. I'll edit when I'm done, so these drafts will have errors and may change before the stories are published.

The first three chapters of each book are going to be available to everyone, the second three to the $1 and up patrons, and the rest of the novels to those that support me at $5 and higher. I hope you enjoy them.

If reading over my shoulder as I create and helping support me as a writer sounds like something you'd like to do, please sign up! I'll do my very best to keep you entertained as we explore the worlds I'm creating together.

Thanks for dropping by and if you've chosen to become my patron, thank you so much!

In Progress:

End of Empire - An Empire of Bones Saga novella


Race to Terra - Book 10 in The Empire of Bones Saga
Blood of Patriots - Book 4 in The Humanity Unlimited Saga
Ruined Terra - Book 11 in The Empire of Bones Saga
14% complete
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