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About Tessellating Hexagons

"Hello, everyone-- I am Tessellating Hexagons!"
...Or just "Tess" for short. Or "TessHex" for medium, if you prefer. And a hearty welcome to my Patreon page from me to you.

I've been around on the Internet for...well, let's not go there. But I've been alive since the mid-90s, grew up with the Internet, and started making stuff for the Internet in 2013, as a reviewer of Eurovision songs, and irreverent player of video-games. And now, I've decided to make the move to board the Good Ship Patreon, albeit a bit later than the rest of the cool kids.

So, what's this all about, then?
Ordinarily, you'll find me doing what I do over on my YouTube channel-- that is, a few gaming videos per week, next-day reviews of Eurovision songs when they're chosen (season permitting), and roughly-weekly live-streams where I can, with the occasional piece of miscellaneous creative content sprinkled throughout.

I don't plan on hiding any of that behind money-shaped barriers; heavens, no. I intend to create additional stuff for Patreon above and beyond all of that-- namely, combining my talents into regular reviews of gaming content, and Eurovision content, in the hopes that I may appease as many of you lovely people as I can. These will reach my YouTube channel eventually, but not for a minimum of one month after they're posted here. That might be extended, if patrons feel it ought to be.

So, in plain and simple terms: the stuff I usually do for YouTube isn't going anywhere. It won't be hidden behind pay-walls, and you lovely people here on Patreon won't be charged for them. It's just the shiny, new, review-based content that your support will be...well, supporting.

But what does that actually mean?
My plans for Patreon are as simple as this: for each month, I'll produce one to two videos, depending on my availability, typically alternating between talking about something relating to Eurovision, and something more grounded in gaming. My formats include...
  • Single-topic retrospectives - In which I take a single subject-- be it one country at Eurovision, or a single video-game, or something along those lines-- and form an informal thesis about it over the course of 20-ish minutes.
  • Top Tens - A YouTube staple, in which I present my "top ten" of a given category, in accordance to some established rules at the top of the video. Warning-- opinions abound more than usual in these ones!
  • Tess's Tiers - A new format that I'm still trialling at the moment. Tier-lists seem to be ducking in and out of fashion on YouTube, so, in a manner similar to the Top Tens, I spend 20-ish minutes, unscripted, mulling over how to grade a series of related things.
  • Long-form editorials - Absolutely the rarest type of video, but if I have a more complex topic to discuss, then this ends up being the result. I aim, again, for 20-ish minutes, but these tend to run closer to 28-30. One of them even ended up being a two-parter..
  • Bonus content? - For anyone pledging $3 or above, I offer access to behind-the-scenes extra material in the form of not-quite-stand-up, not-quite-comedy, definitely-not-vlogs. Pieces to camera scored by Handel's Sarabande about whatever my mind can get its slippery claws onto.
    For anyone pledging $10 or above, access is also granted to outtake-reels from the previous month's videos. These tend to see me at my silliest...especially in months featuring guest co-presenters!

What if I can't support you right now?
Fear not. Each video I post to Patreon will remain Patreon-exclusive for one month (subject to change if my patrons feel that needs extending), after which they will be uploaded to YouTube for general consumption. I'll do my best to make them worth the wait, and, even better, worth paying for.

And what will you be doing with the money from this campaign?
I'm so glad you asked. Well, you see, I graduated from university in 2018, and that, here in the UK, doesn't come especially cheap. I'd like to be able to afford nice things without worrying about paying back those pesky tuition fees. So your donations will help improve what hardware and software I use to create what I create (both here, and on YouTube), as well as give me more opportunities to showcase games that aren't quite so easy to get one's hands on, and so on.

...And you'll get my sincerest thanks, of course.
$13.32 of $100 per month
If I reach this, I'll know, beyond any reasonable doubt, that there is definite interest in my work and me.
To show my gratitude, I shall pursue the possibility of creating TessHex merchandise, and anyone of the $10 tier or higher will have the first opportunity to suggest ideas for that!
I'll also look into getting discounts for you lovely people, depending on your tier!
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