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As a friend of the stream you gain access to the sub-only chat on discord and a thanks each month on-stream from yours truly.
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Not FWB, but close, this tier is for those who want to show a /little/ more support than the previous tier.
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Friends who subscribe to the channel at $5/mo or higher gain access to the subscriber-only Minecraft server and all benefits of lower tiers.




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About TexyTurvy

Hi, Tex here and I want to thank you for visiting my patreon page. I am a streamer and I play games, you can find me on Twitch.tv or Mixer. This page is multi-purposed in that it is for those who want to support me but can't afford to subscribe on Twitch, would like to support at an intermediate level that Twitch does not provide, or are on Mixer and would like to join the subscriber-only Minecraft server.

I am live as often as I am able to do so, so make sure to follow on your favorite streaming site!
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Reaching this will enable me to start building a better PC, as you are likely to hear on stream my computer is a bit of a... potato (hence the potato heart emote)
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