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is creating Sketches, Gaming videos + some good original artistic expression
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About Tha Wundurland

I am a 21 year old aspiring comic, and I like to tell people I'm a decent musician; I can draw decent and I can talk your ear off all day. If you help by supporting my content, sharing my content and just generally helping me grow as a creator, I'd appreciate it allot and I'm happy to have you along for the ride; so lets get started.
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Getting this channel to a functioning maximum. So that I can make sure I have all the tools ready and at my disposal to keep making creative work that I can share with any subscriber. I love doing this. Things haven’t always been easy and I haven’t always been continuously working towards this. But making this patreon is a commitment , that with help. We can make our channel into a proud community that we can all share and grow. Let’s all grow our love for expression together ! :^)
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