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Seed members are the backbone of the community. Without you planting the seeds we couldn't do what we do! At this level you receive our unending gratitude! Plus of course the knowledge that you are supporting making the world a healthier place. Why $1.01?  Have you ever heard, "a penny for your thoughts?" Also, pennies are made of copper and without copper sprouts fail to thrive. I want you to grow! Lastly, a penny added to a vase of flowers protect them and make them last longer!
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Sprout members also receive our unending gratitude but also receive access to behind-the-scenes, bloopers, and out-takes. In addition, sprout members will have a vote when it comes to new projects!
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About That Organic Mom

From Planting Seeds to That Organic Mom - spreading the message about health has always been my passion! Nothing makes me happier than for someone to tell me they started a healthy habit! My heart jumps for joy when I see leafy greens in someone's grocery cart and my joy bubbles over when I walk through the aisle as my local farmer's market and see people buying locally grown produce and handmade goodies! 
At That Organic Mom our goal is to help the WORLD reach wellness goals, one sprout at a time!
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Everyone starts somewhere but my "number" is and has always been 517. Right now I am operating in the red. Maintaining the TOM site is expensive, and it all comes out of my pocket. When I reach the goal of 517 Patrons I will add a "travel organically" category to my site, complete with videos, podcasts, recommendations, and special TOM only promotions.
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