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  • Who is ThatSingingPotato:
ThatSingingPotato is a little group created by two friends who both have a great love for art.

  • What was TSP made for:
we created TSP as a Facebook page to share with everybody covers of song sung by us and at the same time we use it to share drawings that we've created.

  • do you use any other sites to post:
yes we do. We have a YouTube channel and a tumblr (both of which are currently inactive until we get things together)

  • how can I help:
if you would like to help us check out all of are stuff and donate anything you can.

We have many goals we would love to fulfill and we would be absolutely grateful for your support.

(note: we're new with patreon so if something is missing or feels off please do tell us and if you have any tips that could help feel free to share)

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Animations: we would Iove to do animation but because of our lack in financing we can't afford to get any of the needed equipment like: drawing tablets, animation software (preferably toonboom), And Adobe creative cloud (Photoshop, After effects, Premier pro).

if we manage to get enough funding to get everything we need, we will make at least two animations a month (maybe three).
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